Elven Twin Brother Vonen

Vonen's sword is:

"BlazeFury, Butcher of Denial"

Elven Full Blood Hannah

Hannah, GodStone Alpha Master of the First order

Elven Twin Brother Traven

Traven's  sword is: "CometSpell, Guardian of HeartSeeker"

209,500 Words

of  Epic Demon Wars & Elven Sex coming Dec 1st!

Likely to be the Greatest Adult book you will ever own...


Besides magical Sex, there are Three names written in elegant golden script inside the Ancient Book of Magical Elven Warriors, ~are to be forever honored for Dueling a Demon God in the Greatest Epic Battle in Elven History...and this is their story...

Epic SEX, Epic WAR, and a Demon- God Showdown. What's not to like? Questions@GodStonePowers.com

Kenneth Van Lawrence

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